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Petition: Call On The Biden Administration To Rebuild Our Post Office

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

As President-elect Biden begins his take over of the Oval Office, we call on his administration to begin the process of rebuilding America's federal postal system. Years of cuts and austerity programs inflicted on the USPS have left it as a shell of its former self. Despite this, postal workers across the country have continued to carry out their vital duties - even during the midst of a global pandemic and an unprecedented election that saw millions of mail-in ballots cast. They have not wavered in fulfilling their duties to the American people, and we should not waver in our support for them.

We are asking NIDSA members to file a petition demanding that the Biden Administration use the power of the federal branch to rebuild our postal system and aid the millions of people who currently work for the USPS.

Click here to file the petition via Action Network. More details below.


Target: President-elect Biden, Senate Majority Leader, Senate Minority Leader

Throughout the pandemic, postal workers have courageously and reliably fulfilled their mission to “bind the Nation together.” From vital medicines, to ecommerce and business mail, from distant greetings to holiday gifts, from Census forms to the 65 million mail-in ballots, the Postal Service has proven once again to be an essential service to every person and community across the country.

But those essential services – and hundreds of thousands of good postal jobs – are at risk if we don’t act swiftly.

We urge you to help save our national treasure, the public United States Postal Service. We call on you to quickly fill the four vacancies of the Postal Board of Governors with diverse and community-based members who will support the following initiatives:

- Are fully committed to vibrant, public and universal postal services - Reject the Postmaster General’s agenda of cutting service and slowing the mail - Will champion emergency COVID-relief for USPS - Will support an agenda of expanding the role of the USPS in serving our communities

Filling the vacancies on the postal board is essential to build back better the Postal Service and to serve our communities and to help heal our economy.

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