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Help us fight for a better Northern Illinois

Join DSA

We have so much work to do as we fight to make Northern Illinois a place where everyone can thrive. We can't do it alone.

Let's get to work, together. 

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NIDSA Event Calendar

Check this calendar to stay up to date on any NIDSA meetings or actions happening in our region!

Organizing Committees

Organizing Committees & Working Groups

 Northern Illinois DSA operates four primary standing committees as spaces for members to come together for shared organizing projects. Participation in any of the committees & working groups is open to all active members.

Direct Action Committee

The Direct-Action Committee is responsible for organizing direct-action campaigns including but not limited to: strikes, demonstrations, mutual aid, educational material distribution, and protest marshaling.


Democratic Socialist Labor Committee

The Democratic Socialist Labor Committee is responsible for coordinating labor organizing campaigns and projects. This incldes aiding the development of unions, aiding the development of worker cooperatives, and supporting labor friendly community and government environments. 


Electoral Committee

The Electoral Committee is responsible for analyzing the electoral political landscape, recruiting and training candidates, lobbying legislators, and coordinating and supporting election efforts.


Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is responsible for the preparation and distribution of recruitment and educational materials and for organizing outreach events. Additionally, the committee is responsible for managing the organization's social media and website as well as the publication of a recurring organization newsletter.


Medicare For All Working Group

For too long our for-profit healthcare industry has put profits over people. Our Medicare For All Working Group is focused on organizing around establishing a single payer healthcare system in America. The group meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30. Visit our calendar of events above for details on how to register for these meetings. 

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